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Let us help you add value to your products with 

Add value to your windows and doors with AquaSurTech OEM

Let AquaSurTech OEM help you add value to your products while meeting a growing consumer demand for color in the window and door industry.

Success in a mature industry can be achieved by distinguishing your product from the competition's and adapting yourself to new trends in the market quickly . If this can be accomplished at the same time as adding incremental profit through a value add process, then you have truly gained a competitive edge.

For Vinyl, Pre-painted Aluminum, Steel, Fiberglass Substrates

D200 is a high performance single application exterior water based coating system designed for direct application (no primer) to PVC, Cellular PVC, Fiberglass and Pre-painted Aluminum.

  • Extremely fast air dry and quick clean up
  • Low cost process
  • Heat reflective pigments to minimize heat gain for dark colors
  • Exceeds all environmental and performance standards
    (meets AAMA 615).




The forces of nature imposes special demands on coating systems intended for window and door applications.

AquaSurTech OEM's answer to these challenges is a series of AAMA tested, environmentally friendly, waterborne coatings which incorporate hardness along with flexibility, heat reflectance, and excellent color/gloss retention.

In addition, AquaSurTech OEM will provide your company with all the necessary assistance in equipment selection, start-up and training to ensure you deliver a cost effective, high quality color offering for your PVC, Aluminum and Fiberglass applications.

Spray-On Staining System for Fiberglass & Vinyl

A practical JIT method (2 steps only) of producing an attractive wood look will not only reduce inventories but it can expand the potential
choice offered to the consumer.

TruStain’s proven heat reflective characteristics produce the lowest possible heat build up, thus protecting vinyl from distortion and minimizing fading significantly. The extremely long service life of the finishes are quite consistent with any "maintenance free" expectation.




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D200 (Solid colors)   

Trustain (Wood Look)